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mewwji's Journal

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me me!
x age: 20 ( :< I r serious...)
x height: short!
x where: I'm a Chicago girl!
random little things!
x <3 activities:
- crocheting
- drawing
- cooking
- fantasizing

x <3 foods:
- pasta
- sushi
- pizza (mushroom and pineapple only!)
- chocolate and other pastries!

x has damaged hair
x wears glasses
x chubby cheeks
x ♥ pink
x ....and black
x...... I love blue too!!
x ♥ ♥ ♥ Christopher
x ♥ ♥ ♥ Family
x Odd (in a good way!)
x ♥ art
x allergic to the cold
x ...really, I get hives when I'm cold
x friendly
x loving! <3
x interesting
x snuggly
x cute but only Chris thinks I'm sexy :D
x ♥ coffee (sweet)
x ♥ tea
x ♥ sleep
x love love love all cute things! :D
x I also love crocheting :)
x I can knit as well... but crochetinggg!!! <3
x Colors are my best friends
x I want piercings but my body sucks. GRR
x I like tattoos also :)
x I have none though... but one day I will!
x I have no pain tolerance
x Ask Chris... he can tell you.
x etc etc etc

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